Written: 29/5/2018
Unipet is Coming to Glenkrag
We are pleased to have agreed distribution for Unipet Intl. and look forward to receiving our first massive order in the coming weeks.

Wild Bird Foods and feeders is one of our fastest growing categories, their Suet Wild Bird Foods are high in energy, less mess and great value for money.

Unipet is Europes largest manufacturer for wild bird suet Suet to Go is its own brand We will be launching 20+ sku`s - from a hang and feed range to bulk items Glenkrag hope that this addition to their portfolio and that of its retailers will continue to ensure the wild bird food category continue to grow in sales Feeding suet products to your garden birds provides them with essential high-energy proteins.

The Range includes-
Suet Blocks
Suet Blocks will attract similar species to Suet Balls, but because of the nature of the cage they go in it is relatively easy for ground feeding species such as robins and even blackbirds to stand on top of the cage to feed (hanging the cage next to a branch will also help them).

Suet Pellets
These are loved by ground feeders such as the blackbird, song thrush and robin. They`re best fed on a bird table, ground feeder or in a mesh peanut or suet pellet feeder. At Vine House Farm we have four types of Suet Pellet: Insect, Berry, Fruit and Mealworm

Beware of cheap fat balls
If the product is very cheap, then chances are that there`s relatively little suet in the ball and fillers such as wheat flour are used to keep the cost down, this has no benefit for the wild birds.
With Suet Balls you can be assured of a high suet content at all times, thus giving the birds more benefit with no waste.

Pictured Below: Mr Jack McCready (Glenkrag M.D.) and Mr Andrew Ball (Unipet Intl MD)