Written: 25/01/2024
New ERP - Next Wednesday/ Thursday
In just one week’s time we’ll be going live with our new ERP system, Epicor Prophet 21.

While we will be doing everything we can to minimize the disruption to service, it’s inevitable there will be some. “You can’t make an omelette without breaking some eggs”, as the saying goes.

The key customer information is as follows
- For orders that get delivered on Thursday 1st of Feb we will be putting in place a cut off time of 2pm, we will not be able to accept any orders or additions after that time.
- As part of the switch of ERP we have to restructure our website, at 2pm our existing website will be shut down for approx. 2 hours. Unfortunately it will not be possible to carry over basket/ cart contents, so anything in your basket or cart needs placed before 2pm or it will be lost.
- When our reworked website comes back online you can place orders again and they’ll be in our new pack sizes and codes (see previous blog post for details of changes). It will be the same domains, same bookmarks, same login details as you have now, and looks and functions largely the same as it is in it’s current state.
- We will switch over systems on Wednesday night and await the rubber stamp of approval on Thursday morning before we can start processing any further orders, this will put us on the back foot a little with our order processing and picking, but we fully expect to have no disruption to Friday deliveries, although we would encourage customers who have the option to order earlier in the week to consider stocking up a bit more on their delivery earlier in the week just incase.
- There will be subtle changes to the stationary and documents that the orders go out on, which we will document and send in accompanying letters to explain.